Incandescent is a young company with the ambition, determination and energy intrinsic to a young person. It implements the wisdom and knowledge of the experience gained in an agile business environment.

The team has many years of distribution experience. During these years we have established multiple relations with partners worldwide. This is why we believe that our most valuable asset is the trust of our customers, which is founded upon our enduring relationships.  Our vision for success is to fulfill the needs of your broadcast schedule with the best fitting content, bringing the ratings at levels that reach the expectations for the requisite commercial slots.

We accomplish our mission trough communication, understanding and responsiveness at all stages of the distribution process. Our goal is reached once the appropriate content is successfully delivered to you and you have time to focus on your future development.

Our flexibility allows you to outsource the entire acquisition process through us. Even if we haven’t partnered with a certain production company before, we will readily establish new communication channels to bring you the content that you needed, while staying within your budget allowance.


Elitsa Petrova
CEO and founder

An explorer at heart with a passion for circling the globe, Elitsa is an energetic, adaptive and driven individual, who aims for optimal efficiency on the road to success. Her professional approach and ability to persuade make her the go-to choice for sealing a good deal. As you can guess, she also likes to drive fast (within speed limits, of course).


Alena Irkhina
Business Development CIS region

Our stylish trend-setter with flawless judgement for time, place and target, she is the sharp mind behind our success in the CIS region. From the height of her Valenitno heels she effortlessly conquers her goals with the powerful support of her kind hearted personality and straight-out decisiveness. Mommy of two mischievous munchkins she can easily turn each situation the other way around if need be.


Vasilena Dzhoeva

Bright personality and constantly on the go, Vasilena is responsible for the workflow management of the company’s processes and the follow-up of the assigned tasks.She is also great at making the cocktails for our celebration parties.


Plamen Sakaliyski
R&D manager

Plamen is the tech-savy and always inquisitive spirit of the company. He has constantly something new in mind and always surprises us with his creativity.You can always see him playing with a new gadget, while researching new markets.


Dessy Mileva
Sales assistant

Quick-witted and spirited, Dessy is assisting the communication process with new or established partners. Very social and dedicated to her work, she makes success seem effortless. In her spare time she is trying to tame a wild little girl,using the best practices to her knowledge.