John Wycliffe Morningstar

Seamlessly blending drama and documentary, Morningstar will tell the story of John Wycliffe – the medieval pioneer caught between the titanic powers of a corrupt church and a brutal state.

From the horrors of the Black Death to the violence of the Peasants’ Revolt, Wycliffe’s world is shaped by conflict and struggle. Pulled from his research at Oxford University into the grubby world of politics, Wycliffe is forced to face the deepest of questions.

Why is the world the way it is? Why are ordinary folk living in thrall to Kings and Popes?

Why is the church so full of hypocrisy, when Jesus preached the opposite?

And what can be done to change things?

Imprisoned and accused of heresy, Wycliffe gets an idea which would inspire a revolution in the towns and villages of England. He bypasses the church and translates their Bible directly into English.

Relying on the best scholarship for accuracy, Morningstar will bring Wycliffe’s story to cinematic life and allow a broad, contemporary audience to be inspired by a real medieval hero. It will challenge us to ask serious questions about todays customs, beliefs and ideas. It will encourage us to remember that individuals can change the course of continents.